SecureClean Secure cleaning Security for Windows

SecureClean keeps your hard drive clean to help protect you from identity theft
SecureClean is a toll which permanently removes unneeded traces of your personal information, Internet activities, recently accessed files and more.

Easily clean up unsolicited spam, popups, and other questionable data. You cannot watch TV, read a magazine, or visit a bank without seeing something about Identity Theft.

It has become the fastest growing crime in America and can no longer be overlooked.

CBS News reported that every 79 seconds a thief hacks into a computer, steals a victim’s identity, and then goes on a buying spree.

Each day brings news of more viruses, Trojan horses, and worms that can obtain your confidential information and wreck havoc on you and your computer.

Windows often stores unneeded traces of your personal information, including passwords, credit card numbers, and previously deleted data and email, all without you even knowing it.

SecureClean isolates and removes this unneeded information, making it impossible for cyber criminals to steal your data.

Don’t just rely on your firewall and anti-virus to protect you, make SecureClean your first line of defense.

Because what isn’t there can’t be stolen!


· Locate and remove unneeded traces of personal identity information left by Windows and other programs.
· Find, recover, or permanently erase previously deleted files and alternate data streams.
· Find and erase both current and corrupted Internet cookies and history data.
· Permanently erase unwanted previously deleted messages lingering in e-mail archives from popular e-mail programs like America Online?, Microsoft Outlook?, Outlook Express?, Netscape?, and Eudora?.
· Safely and reliably reclaim wasted disk space.
· Scan and find traces of personal information left by Windows.
· Verify that your system was fully cleaned.
· Quickly and easily clean your entire system of old unneeded file data.
· Features a special trash bin located on the desktop for true drag/drop file deletion.
· Designed for both the home and the advanced user.
· Ability to set up daily or weekly automatic cleaning schedules.
· Option to automatically clean at shutdown or log off.
· Does not require a user to be logged in to perform a scheduled cleaning.
· Creates a report of previous cleanings.


· 15 days free trial

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