WOOWEB Firewall Security for Windows

WOOWEB is a content filtering router/firewall intended for home use
A simple installation on the computer attached to the modem allows up to four users to connect to the Internet simultaneously.

In addition to the Internet sharing capabilities and to the built-in firewall, WOOWEB provides high-level management of connections and users that permit to assist concerned parents in controlling access to the Internet by children.It provides a rich set of management functions that lets you control and monitor users, outgoing and incoming connections, access time, sites, etc.

A single subscription to the OrangeFilter service from Cobion permits to block the access to more than 98% of Internet pornographic and/or violent contents. All settings are made on a user basis.

Here are some key benefits of “WOOWEB”:

· Easy Installation: You just need to install WOOWEB V2 on the computer that is attached to the modem. Then anyone on the LAN can surf the Net with any common browser, send and receive e-mails and download files with complete reliability and security.

· Security: WOOWEB V2 includes a built-in firewall that protects every computer on your network from an attack when you are connected to the Internet. This firewall can be setup. It continuously records and provides detailed reports on all intrusion attempts from the outside as well as all unauthorized Internet access-try of local users.

· Power: WOOWEB V2 takes benefit from the powerful PC processors and offers incomparable speed and reliability. It represents a negligible overhead for the computer on which it is running. This computer can access the Internet like any other networked computer and is not dedicated to WOOWEB.

· User Management: It is on the level of user-right management that WOOWEB V2 reveals its capacities. As an example, it is able to preserve the detailed history of all Internet accesses of all machines for one month. With WOOWEB V2, you can block the access to URL’s containing undesirable character strings. You can create as many restrictions as you want throughout the week. You can specify what days and times the internet may be accessed by each computer or how much access time is allowed. The lists of prohibition and authorization and the schedules are created in a simple way and assigned independently to each computer. With WOOWEB V2 you can know and control what your children are doing online.

· Minor Protection: The OrangeFilter option provides an efficient protection of children from offensive Internet content. This option permits to forbid access to all sites classified into pornography and/or violence categories.

Here are some key features of “WOOWEB”:

· Can manage up to four computers
· Efficient configurable reporting firewall
· Supports all popular analog, NDIS, cable and DSL modems
· Permits incoming connections
· Strong parental control functions
· In option, blocking of pornography and/or hate sites by automatic referring to the OrangeFilter list (Up to 120 million sites analyzed monthly)
· High level management of local and remote users
· Detailed history of connections
· Skype and Windows Live Messenger compliant


· Pentium based PC (200 MHz minimum) with 32 MB of RAM
· Ethernet attachment
· Internal or external modem (33 KBPS minimum)


· 30-day trial

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