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Arcavir 20848 Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

ArcaVir description

A comprehensive suite of intelligent tools that will protect your computer from viruses
ArcaVir is a comprehensive suite of intelligent tools that helps you protect your computer from Trojan horses, viruses, Internet Worms and other malware.

It contains the following modules:
· Antivirus Monitor,
· Antivirus Scanner,
· Antivirus Mail Scanner,
· Automatic Update Module,
· Firewall and Registry Modules,
· Anti-Dialer and Anti-Spyware modules,
· ArcaVir Management Module

ArcaVir contains one of the largest libraries of detected viral definitions currently available. In the event of a threat, it is possible to immediately rate the level of danger and potential losses resulting from the activation of a detected virus.

ArcaVir Antivirus Monitor
ArcaVir Antivirus Monitor is a resident module that in the real time controls all the files executed and saved in the system, as well as used by external devices (e.g. floppy disks).

ArcaVir scanner
ArcaVir scanner is a tool providing a convenient and complete method of checking all the computer resources against virus infections. The program can be easily configured and freely adjusted to your individual needs, preferences and requirements.

ArcaMail mail scanner
The mail scanner is a program that interactively scans electronic mail whether receiving or sending. It can co-operate with any e-mail program via POP3 and SMTP protocols.

ArcaMail uses ainternal driver of the operating system. This solution guarantees high effectiveness (lower computer load) and eliminates the necessity of configuring e-mail accounts in an e-mail client program. ArcaMail has been designed so that it is integrated as part of the operating system.

Automatic Update Module
ArcaVir Update is a tool that allows automatic or manual updates of programs from ArcaVir.

The Firewall included with ArcaVir antivirus program gives you an additional layer of protection. In the age of the Internet, a firewall is a essential part of any computer system, increasing your security and protecting your data from hackers. The ArcaVir Firewall was designed to be easy to use even by inexperienced users, but it was also designed to be highly configurable, and as such, it is a great tool for power users as well.

Registry monitor
Registry Monitor is an application used to control changes in neuralgic parts of the Windows Registry.


· RAM memory available for the program 64 MB
· Disk space: 60 MB
· Pentium-class processor


· Update possibility expires after 14 days from the installation date. The rest of the functions work without limits.

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