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Avira Boot Sector Repair Tool Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

Avira Boot Sector Repair Tool description

Scan and clean your boot sector with this lightweight software
Boot repair – no chance to dangerous boot sector viruses under DOS! There is a new tool available to detect and remove boot sector viruses under DOS.

The search and repair tool, which contains a signature-VDF as well as a user interface (ANTIVIR.EXE).

If you want to search for boot sector viruses using the AVE32.EXE go to the commandline and enter: AVE32.EXE -allboot

If you want to use the user interface, please start ANTIVIR.EXE. Press ALT-F to open a window where you can choose which boot sectors to scan by entering T.

Keep your boot sector clean and secured against malware with Avira Boot Sector Repair Tool!

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