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Avl Mini Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

AVL Mini description

A brand-new mini anti-virus product based on advanced anti-virus engine
AVL MINI (AVL for short) is a brand-new mini anti-virus product. Based on advanced anti-virus engine—AVL SDK, it has powerful antivirus ability to detect and remove diversified harmful programs such as viruses, Trojan horses, worms, Adware, Spyware and etc..

AVL Mini is a security tool that allows you to protect your PC against viruses and spyware.

Further more, AVL is entirely compatible with other antivirus software existing in your system. It makes up the insufficiency of anti-virus software in terms of virus detecting and removing abilities, and provides much more protection for your system.

Here are some key features of “AVL Mini”:

· Powerful virus detecting ability
AVL can detect all kinds of harmful programs such as file virus, macro virus, script virus, and Trojan horses. It can distinguish various compressed files.

· Compatible with diversified anti-virus softwares
AVL is not only compatible with existing anti-virus software, but also can makeup the insufficiency of the software in detecting and removing virus abilities.

· Removing all the viruses in the system
AVL can make a clean sweep of viruses found in the system, and solve the problems that some anti-virus software can only detect viruses but can’t remove them.

· Detecting unknown virus
AVL has the intelligent detecting engine based on behavioral detection. Therefore, it can discover the unknown viruses.

· High-speed scanning
Original super high-speed engine shortens the scan time when scanning the whole system compared with other anti-virus softwares.

· Fewer system resources usage
AVL is very small, and the usage of system resources is even less than several Kbs.

· Clear and wieldy interface
AVL interface adopts the style of media player, so it is wieldy for users; it also meets the needs of different customers in easily using the software.

· Automatically updating
AVL has the function of automatically updating. You can update AVL according to the needs. It avoids the trouble of updating manually.


· The unregistered version can only detect viruses, but not remove them.

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