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Bitdefender Safe N Sec Pro Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

Bitdefender+Safe n Sec Pro description

Bitdefender+Safe n Sec Pro – Complex protection software with antivirus data control.
Safe’n’Sec Pro+BitDefender Antivirus is a complex computer security system that has integrated the option of antivirus data control.
The system efficiently detects zero-day viruses, protects from worms, blocks Trojans, spyware, prevents hacker attacks, insecure actions of novice users, intrusive ads and pop-ups in Internet.

BitDefender antivirus allows detecting files infected with already known viruses, Trojans and some other malware and deletes it from the PC. For this software perfect running antivirus database is updated few times a day.

Safe’n’Sec Pro+BitDefender antivirus complex solution is efficient and low consuming simultaneously, provides the highest quality of information and personal data security on user home computer.

Here are some key features of “Bitdefender Safe n Sec Pro”:

· Innovation technologies of proactive computer security intrusion detection
· Safe’n’Sec proactive internet security protection system is based on the technology of intercepting and intellectual analysis of the system calls at the operating system level.
· All running applications constant analysis
· Malicious code real-time blocking
· Total internet security protection against any intrusion into your PC
· Compatible with leading anti-virus software and firewalls
· Known malware searching and deleting (in extensive set)
· Efficiency doesn’t depend on updates
· Efficiently uses system resources
occupies minimum HDD (20 Mb)
uses no more than 2% processor resources
requires 5MB RAM only
· Easy and comfortable interface


· 300 Mhz processor
· 20 MB hard drive space
· 64 MB RAM


· 30 days trial

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