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CaSIR (Common And Stubborn Infections Remover) description

A malware removal software to remove the most common and stubborn infections
CaSIR is an on-demand malware removal tool that was designed to help you get rid of the most common and stubborn malware infections that can harm your PC.

CaSIR doesn’t randomly search for CaSIs, but he goes directly to the areas that a specific malware infects and removes it from there, hence, it does its job in mere seconds!

With CaSIR (Common And Stubborn Infections Remover) you’ll be able to keep you computer clean and protected aganist various malware infections.
Here are some key features of “CaSIR (Common And Stubborn Infections Remover)”:

· CaSIR removes the common restrictions made to your computer by those infectors which none of the AVs deal with.
· CaSIR removes the illegitmate services frequently used by those infectors.
· CaSIR recognizes and instantly kills and deletes any running process that is disguising itself among the legitimate system services.
· CaSIR removes any scripts used by those infectors to autorun.
· CaSIR removes any autostarting registry entries related to the illegitmate services he detects.
· CaSIR deals with all your storage medias (Fixed, floppy, removable…) and cleans them up all if need be.
· CaSIR cleans up your system registry so no more spy keys, garbage activities or messages keep asking for already deleted files.
· CaSIR’s signatures are fully updatable, once you download the software, all you need to do is to download the new definitions frequently and you’re up-to-date and ready-to-go.


· detects the infections, but doesn’t remove them
· nag screen

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