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Custodia AntiVirus description

A full-featured PC security software designed to provide cutting-edge antivirus protection
Custodia AntiVirus is a full solution for the complete protection of your computer. It offers advanced security functions and an intuitive, easy to use interface for facile configuration.

Here are some key features of “Custodia AntiVirus”:

Virtual machine Unpacking Engine (VUE)
· Virtual machine Unpacking Engine (VUE) is new innovative technology featured in Custodia AntiVirus 2008. This new technology detects viruses even when disguised under multiple layers designed to evade detection by many of the anti-virus solutions in the market today.

Unknown Virus Scan & Clean Technology
· Unknown Virus Scan Technology scans unknown DOS, email, script, macro and Windows viruses, keeping you one step ahead of unknown future viruses.

Pre-Login Scan
· Some viruses are difficult to remove once you have logged into the Windows operating system. The Pre-Login Scan allows you to perform a virus scan and remove those viruses prior to launching Windows.

File Monitor
· This feature scans all files before you open them, thereby eliminating the opportunity for viruses to be opened and destroying them before they can infect your computer system. File Monitor now offers two new modes: Smart Monitor; and Forced Virus Deletion.

Smart Monitor: A user can choose to scan for viruses under one of three scenarios: file creation, modification, or execution. Scanning will occur automatically only when the scenario condition are met. Smart Monitor dramatically improves working efficiency and reduces the consumption of system resources.

Forced Virus Deletion: When a running virus cannot be deleted because the system is using the file infected by it, a standard solution was to restart the computer and then delete the virus. Unfortunately, many viruses cannot be removed in this way. Once “Forced Virus Deletion” is enabled, the system is able to delete the running virus program without the need to restart the computer, thus solving the problem and removing the virus.

File Monitor Whitelist
· File Monitor Whitelist is a feature that includes files and directories that are skipped and not scanned by Custodia AntiVirus. By adding trusted files and directories to the File Monitor Whitelist, you can improve the amount of time that it takes Custodia AntiVirus to scan your computer system.

Malicious Behavior Detection
· This feature monitors all running application programs in the system to detect and report the behavior patterns of malicious code. Allows the user to authorize or reject suspicious activity.

Email Scan
· Incoming emails (POP3) and outgoing emails (SMTP) are scanned for viruses and Custodia AntiVirus will alert you of any potential virus threats. Custodia AntiVirus currently only supports POP3 incoming and SMTP outgoing email protocols. The Email Scan feature helps to prevent certain Trojans from stealing your passwords and scans and cleans any outgoing emails before they are sent to ensure that you don’t infect other computer users.

Script Blocking
· This feature helps to protect your computer system when you are browsing the Internet by blocking certain malicious web scripts. If you visit a web site that contains high-risk web scripts, you will be alerted by Custodia AntiVirus and prompted for action.

Boot Records Monitor
· This feature scans for viruses and other malicious files that reside in the boot records of floppy disks, CD-ROMs, or USB storage devices and blocks them from infecting your computer system.

System Reinforcement
· System Reinforcement monitors and reinforces operating system vulnerabilities to defend against attacks and intrusions by malicious programs. Its functions mainly cover the following:

· Monitors system behaviors as well as the use of SetHook and LoadDriver by all programs;
· Monitors the system registry to prevent any unauthorized changes by unknown programs;
· Monitors and protects key processes of the system;
· Protects system files and prevents them from damage by unknown programs.

Application Protection
· Application Protection can protect specified applications from attack by malicious programs. A user can apply rules to game software, instant messaging software, etc. to customize protection. Custodia AntiVirus provides users with eight rules:
· Anti-DLL Injection
· Anti-Code Injection
· Anti-Memory Modification
· Anti-Memory Read
· Prevent Suspension
· Prevent Termination
· Anti-Simulated Sending
· Anti-Simulated Key.

Application Access Control
· Application Access Control monitors suspicious programs to limit their access to computer resources.

Program Startup Control
· Program Startup Control allows users to monitor the startup process of programs, thus being able to intercept and prevent the execution of unknown malicious programs as well as detecting any modification of applications.

Hidden Process Detection
· Hidden Process Detection can detect processes that cannot be seen in the Windows Task Manager that may contain malicious code such as rootkits.

Vulnerability Defense
· If Windows updates are not installed and system vulnerabilities exist, Vulnerability Defense can help protect your computer system by alerting you of any potential attacks on any system vulnerabilities.

File Shredder
· File Shredder allows you to protect your privacy by permanently deleting unwanted sensitive files through Windows Explorer. To permanently delete a file, simply right-click on the file and select File Shredder. Any files deleted by File Shredder cannot be recovered.

Embedded Scan for Other Programs
· Custodia AntiVirus can provide added virus protection for third party applications such as instant messaging programs, download management tools, and compression tools. The following thirty party applications are supported by Custodia AntiVirus:
· Microsoft Office 2000 and 2003
· Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher
· MSN Messenger
· Yahoo! Messenger
· AOL Instant Messenger
· FlashGet
· NetAnts
· Net Vampire
· WinZip
· WellGet
· WinRAR

· Once Embedded Scan has been applied to these third party application programs, Custodia AntiVirus can automatically scan all files received through these programs for viruses and other malicious files.


· Processor: Minimum 500 MHz recommended (non Vista); Minimum 1 GHz recommended (Vista)
· RAM: Minimum 64 MB (non Vista); 512 MB (Vista)
· Hard Drive Space: 110 MB


· 30 days trial
· nag screen

Email Scanning feature supports only POP3 and SMTP email clients.

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