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F Codered Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

F-Codered description

Using F-Codered one can easily remove the CodeRed.C and CodeRed.F worms from a computer
F-CodeRed is a special program created to detect and remove CodeRed.C and CodeRed.F worms from the infected system’s memory.


· Administrator rights

· Unpack the F-CodeRed tool from the provided ZIP archive
· Start a command shell. Click ‘Start Menu->Run’. Type ‘cmd’, press [Enter]
· Change to the directory where the tool was unpacked. Type ‘cd /folder/where/the/tool/is’
· Start the tool. Type ‘F-CodeRed’

What F-Codered does?
· The utility locates the worm in the computer’s memory and terminates the infected process if it was found there
· Locates and deletes the VirtualRoot trojan dropped by CodeRed from memory and the disk.
· Removes the trojan command shells from
* /inetpub/scripts/root.exe
* /progra~1/common~1/system/MSADC/root.exe
· Erases the shared C: and D: roots from the IIS settings
· Opens the webpage that contains the fixes for the IIS vulnerability

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