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F-Commwarrior description

This small utility will deactivate any Commwarrior worm variants from your cell
The F-Commwarrior deactivates Commwarrior.A, Commwarrior.B and Commwarrior.C worms from Symbian S60 phones.

Please note that F-Commwarrior is not an antivirus software. It will just deactivate the worm and boot the phone so that Commwarrior is no longer running on the phone. This tool is intended to give user time to download Anti-Virus without spreading the worm further.

· Make sure that you have all applications closed
· Select “Deactivate Commwarrior” from menu
· If Commwarrior is found phone boots immediately after disinfection
· After reboot download and install F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus
· Scan your phone and delete all infected files

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