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F Secure Internet Gatekeeper Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper description

A high-performance and fully automated antivirus and content filtering solution for protecting corporate e-mail and web traffic
F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper is a suite of real-time services to protect the corporate network against computer viruses and malicious code coming in web (HTTP and FTP-over-HTTP) and e-mail (SMTP) traffic.

F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper is comprised of the following components: F-Secure Anti-Virus for Internet Gateways, F-Secure Anti-Virus for Internet Mail and F-Secure Content Scanner Server.

With F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper the network traffic will be always secured!

Here are some key features of “F Secure Internet Gatekeeper”:


· F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper has extensive monitoring, reporting and alerting functions that can be used to notify any administrator in the company network about any infected content that F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper has found.

Powerful and Always Up-to-date

· F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper uses the award-winning F-SecureAnti-Virus scanners to ensure the highest possible detection rate and disinfection capability. The daily virus definition database updates provide a protection that is always up-to-date.
· F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper uses the threat detection engine to detect possible virus outbreaks before they become widespread. The threat detection engine analyzes messages and identifies threat patterns as they are released to the Internet within an outbreak.
· F-Secure Anti-Virus scanner consistently ranks at the top when compared to competing products. Our team of dedicated virus researchers is on call 24-hours a day responding to new and emerging threats. F-Secure releases tested virus definition updates on a daily basis, to make sure our customers are receiving the highest quality service and protection.

Easy to Administer

· F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper can be centrally managed with F-Secure Policy Manager. You can configure F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper settings with F-Secure Policy Manager any time you want. In stand-alone mode, the F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper Web Console can be used to administer F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper.
· F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper Web Console can be used to check the status of F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper at a glance. It is also used to manage quarantined items both in centrally managed and stand-alone installations.

Superior Protection

· High level of protection with low maintenance costs.
· Superior detection rate with multiple scanning engines.
· Unparalleled malicious code detection and disinfection. F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper detects all known viruses, worms and Trojans, including Java and ActiveX viruses.
· Heuristic scanning detects also unknown Windows and macro viruses.
· Recursive scanning of ARJ, BZ2, CAB, GZ, JAR, LZH, MSI, RAR, TAR, TGZ, Z and ZIP archive files.
· Automatic daily virus definition database updates.
· Suspicious and unsafe attachments can be stripped away from e-mails.
· Password protected archives can be treated as unsafe.
· Intelligent file type recognition.

Virus Outbreak Detection

· Possible virus outbreaks are transparently detected before they become widespread.
· The product can notify the administrator about virus outbreaks.
· Unsafe messages can be quarantined and reprocessed automatically.

Transparency and Scalability

· Viruses are intercepted before they enter the network and spread to workstations and servers.
· Real-time scanning of internal, inbound and outbound mail messages.
· The company network can be configured so that users cannot bypass the system, which means that e-mails and files cannot be downloaded without them being scanned first.


· Easy to install and configure.
· Can be administered centrally with F-Secure Policy Manager.
· Can be monitored with the convenient F-Secure Internet
· Gatekeeper Web Console.
· Contains new quarantine management features: you can manage and search quarantined content with the F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper Web Console.

Protection against Spam

· Possible spam messages are transparently detected before they become widespread.
· Efficient and fast spam detection based on different analyses on the e-mail content.
· Multiple filtering mechanisms guarantee the high accuracy of spam detection.
· Spam detection works in every language and message format.


· Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2GHz or faster
· Memory: 1GB of RAM
· Disk space to install: 260 MB
· Disk space for processing: 10 GB or more
· Network: 100Mbps Fast Ethernet NIC, switched network connection
· Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or 2005
· If the product is installed in the centralized administration mode, F-Secure Policy Manager 7.01 or later is recommended.


· 30 days trial

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