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I Worm Plage Virus Scanner And Remover Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

I-Worm/Plage Virus Scanner and Remover description

Tiny removal utility that will help you easily get rid of the Plage worm
Plage is an email worm that will use MAPI functions to infect email messages. The worm has an icon similar to PKLITE self extracting program, very similar to Win32/ExploreZip worm. The infection method is also similar to ExploreZip worm but it won’t delete the data files in the

The infected attachment name will be pics.exe, setup.exe, Card.EXE, PsPGame.exe, joke.exe, billgt.exe, images.exe, midsong.exe, news_doc.exe, s3msong.exe, hamster.exe, docs.exe, tamagotxi.exe, humor.exe, searchURL.exe or fun.

When the infected file from attach is executed, the worm gets control, copies itself to the Windows directory with the INETD.EXE name and registers itself in Windows system as auto-run application: under Win9x the worm creates the new “run=WinDirINETD.EXE” instruction in “windows” section in the WIN.INI file (where “WinDir” is the name of Windows directory); under WinNT the virus creates a new “Run=INETD” instruction in system registry.

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