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I Worm Prolin Scanner And Remover Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

I-Worm/Prolin Scanner and Remover description

Use this tiny utility to easily detect and delete the Prolin worm from your system
Prolin is an Internet worm, uses Microsoft Outlook to email itself. The worm is 36,834 bytes long {37KB} and written in Visual Basic 6. It needs “MSVBVM60.dll” to spread otherwise it will show DLL missing error. The e-mail attachment name will be “Creative.exe”.

While opening the email attachment, the Prolin worm will copy “Creative.exe” to root folder of C drive and Windows startup folder C:/WINDOWS/Start Menu/Programs/Startup/Creative.exe. So the creative.exe file is loaded automatically whenever Windows starts.

I-Worm/Prolin also opens the Microsoft Outlook Address book and sends e-mail to all the email Ids stored. The message subject will be “A great Shockwave flash movie”, the message body will be “Checkout this new flash movie that i downloaded just now… It’s Great. Bye” and the attachment name will be “Creative.exe”. It will show a similar icon to the shockwave movie.

After that it sends a notification message to the virus author with subject “Job complete”. It sends this message to a yahoo id [email protected] with the message body “Got yet another idiot”.

· /SCAN – Scans the system for I-Worm/Prolin
· /REPAIR – Use this option to CLEAN the worm
· /SCAN – Scan all files
· /BAK – Create backup copy before cleaning
· /NOSUB – Sub Directories OFF
· /REPORT – Generates report – C:/VIRUSCAN.RPT
· /HELP – Detailed help to clean the I-Worm/Prolin worm

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