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Mydoom Ao Remover Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

Mydoom.AO Remover description

A useful tool for cleaning the Mydoom.AO virus from your computer
Mydoom.AO is a worm that opens the TCP port 1034 and listens to it, acting as a backdoor.

Mydoom.AO downloads a file called MODULELOG.PNG from the Internet. In fact, this file is not a PNG image, but an executable file belonging to the backdoor Bck/Surila.J.

Mydoom.AO spreads via e-mail, in a message with variable characteristics that passes itself off as a mail delivery error. In order to harvest e-mail addresses to send itself to, this worm looks for files on the affected computer, but it also uses intensive searches on web searchers.

Mydoom.AO uses popular web searchers, such as Google, Altavista, Yahoo and Lycos.

Additionally, Mydoom.AO is able to surpass certain anti-spam techniques commonly used when noting down e-mail addresses.

The Mydoom.AO Remover will allow you to get rid of the pesky virus in no time!

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