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Rising Antivirus Free Edition Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

Rising Antivirus Free Edition description

It has the ability to provide full protection for your computer.
Rising Antivirus Free Edition protects your computers against all types of viruses, Trojans, Worms, Rootkits and other malicious programs.

Easy to use, Active Defense technology, Patented Unknown Virus Scan and Clean technology and Patented Smartupdate technology make Rising Antivirus Free Edition install and forget product and entitles you to focus on your own jobs with your computer.

Rising Antivirus Free Edition is a solution with no cost to personal users while still provides the SAME level of detection and protection capability as Rising Antivirus!

Free for personal use only.
Here are some key features of “Rising Antivirus Free Edition”:

Active Defense Technology:
· designed to prevent the execution of malicious programs. It provides more open rules for advanced user customization, which enables the user to define unique defense rules depending upon the special circumstances of his/her own system, thus maximizing the system’s protection.
Patented Scanning Technology for Unknown Viruses:
· is protected by patents in the United States of America and Europe. This technology protects your personal computer before new virus definitions are available. Unknown Virus Scan&Clean (Patent No.:ZL 01 1 17726.8)
Patented Fully Automatic SmartUpdate:
· enables Rising software automatically detect the latest version and automatically updates. RISING Virus Lab provides updates at least three times per day with instant updates. Fully Automatic SmartUpdate(Patent No.:ZL 01 1 42155.X)
Smart Virtual Machine with Behaviour & Packing Pattern Recognition:
· Rising Antivirus comes with an integrated smart virtual machine, which is used for virus scanning and malware recognition. RISING’s proprietary smart virtual machine technology provides the additional safety for your computer without slowing down your system. Suspected code and program can be run in this virtual machine for RISING Antivirus to check for potential malicious behaviour. RISING’s Behaviour & Packing Pattern Recognition allows to test such potential malware thoroughly without influencing the performance of your PC and protects your system against new viruses and unknown viruses.
Application Protection:
· can protect specified applications from attack by malicious programs. A user can apply rules to game software, instant messenger, etc. to customize protection. Rising Anti-Virus 2008 provides users with eight rules: Anti-DLL Injection, Anti-CodeInjection, Anti-Memory Modification, Anti-Memory Read, Prevent Suspension, Prevent Termination, Anti-Simulated Sending, and Anti-Simulated Key.
· previous versions have not offered complete protection to Rising products themselves, resulting in damage to Rising products by specific viruses such as Orange August. The spread of such viruses has prevented users from running Rising products or to browse the Rising website. We now employ Active Defense Technology to address this omission.
Application Access Control:
· monitors suspicious programs to limit their access to computer resources.
Program Startup Control:
· allows users to monitor the startup process of programs, thus being able to intercept and prevent the execution of unknown malicious programs as well as detecting any modification of applications
Malicious Behavior Detection:
· monitors programs running in the system to detect and report the behavior patterns of malicious code, optionally allowing the user to authorize or reject suspicious activity.
Hidden Process Detection:
· can detect processes that cannot be seen in the Windows Task Manager that may contain malicious code, including rootkits.
Computer Security Check:
· informs the user of the current security level and guides him/her in strengthening it to prevent intrusions.
Security Tool Integration Platform:
· provides the following tools: Other Embedded Scan, Registration Wizard, Latest Installation Creation Tool, Application Protection Wizard, Vulnerability Check, and View Quarantine.


· CPU: PIII 500 MHz or higher
· RAM: 64 MB or above
· Display: Standard VGA, 24-bit true color
· Others: CD-ROM drive, floppy drive, mouse

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