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Safe n Sec PRO description

Safe?n?Sec Pro – new complex solution for PC virus protection
Safe?n?Sec Pro protects users against unknown threats and vulnerabilities.
Safe’n’Sec utilizes the latest proactive technologies of viral code detection. In order to detect unknown malware, the program analyzes the behavior of objects rather than their code. It is able to effectively block malicious processes caused by any type of threat: virus, hacker attack, Trojan application, etc.

Safe’n’Sec ?
· Protects computers from new viruses and hacker attacks by controlling any activity performed on a user’s computer, analyzing the behavior of processes, and blocking any dangerous actions.

· Protects the integrity of your system against unauthorized access by detecting exploit attacks, tracing all changes in the system registry and service states, limiting access to user personal data, such as documents, address books, registry information, etc.

· Detects, disinfects, and eliminates known malware (viruses, Trojans, Internet worms, spyware, etc.) detected on your computer. To detect known viruses, the program uses anti-virus databases from well-known anti-virus software vendors. This functionality is available only to users of the extended distribution kit.

· Supports automatic updating of the program via the Internet. Our expert team is constantly monitoring the latest threats and software vulnerabilities to keep the program up-to-date. The program updates are automatically delivered to the personal computers of our customers.

· Provides detailed performance reports. The reports are text files that are available for viewing at any time.

What is the main difference between the proactive protection against KNOWN threats performed by Safe’n’Sec and traditional anti-virus software?

Malicious software can be stored on a personal computer for many years without harming a user’s data. Computer information is not threatened by a virus itself, but by its actions.

Traditional anti-virus solutions detect malicious activities by signatures in the file code, whereas Safe’n’Sec detects and blocks malicious actions and processes. Reactive technologies detect a malicious application when it STARTS destructive activities, while proactive solutions block ATTEMPTS of malicious applications to violate your security. Thus, proactive technologies are more effective than reactive ones.

Here are some key features of “Safe n Sec PRO”:

· Automatic control of unknown applications’ activity. A new of unknown application running introduces a potential threat to the user. Such an application can be secretly installed on a user’s computer as he or she browses the Internet or exchanges files with a mate. The Safe’n’Sec is able to execute unknown and new applications in the Restricted Execution Area. When an application is run in the Restricted Execution Area it has at least limited access to user’s sensitive data and critical parts of operating system, such as system registry, system files directory, etc.
· Automatic control of known or trusted applications. The most common applications an average user is expected to use every day can be used by malicious programs to execute harmful actions. Such a misuse is done without the user notice and without threatening the attacked application’s stability. The Safe’n’Sec is able to execute the trusted applications in the Protected Execution Area which ensures an application running in the area is protected from interference from other applications.
· Training Mode. The Safe’n’Sec possesses a database with a great number of the most widely used applications and applications’ control policies as well. The database is updated via the Internet on a regular basis. However, there is a chance that the user works with a program not registered in the database. The Training Mode is thus comes into action. The Training Mode is intended to automatically analyze an unknown application and create a control policy for it.
· Control policy’s settings have been changed and augmented.
· Protection modes. Instead of the previous 3 modes of activity control there are now 2 left: Enabled with the Training Mode and Disabled.
· Control policy representation. A control policy can be represented in the following ways: protection areas (file system, system registry, network, etc), logical groups, and a list of applications. Each representation contains corresponding rules for controlling application activity.
· Control policy rules editor. The interface of the editor is enhanced. A rule now covers all possible actions (creation, deletion, change, etc.) of a single area (file system, network, etc.). In the former versions of the Safe’n’Sec a rule can only be created for a single action.
· Control policy rules logical groups. Rules in a control policy can be logically grouped. A logical group determines whether its rules are Enabled or Disabled.
· Control policy’s time scope. Rules of a control policy can be enabled for a certain time period.
· Application control policy with regard to the user. Activity control rules are bound to a specific user or a user group.
· Application and process Manager. The Manager of active processes controls Authorized applications, unauthorized applications, applications in the Protected Area, applications in the Restricted Area. An active process or application can be blocked or allowed to execute without restrictions, or moved to an Area.
· Import and export of control policy. Information about applications and their activities can be added to the Safe’n’Sec database via importing a control policy. Exporting a control policy is used to distribute information about applications and application activities among computers and to store such information for later usage.
· Simple and advanced interface of the program. The simple interface of the program is recommended for the majority of users. The simple interface exposes no additional settings. The advanced interface offers extended set of settings and is recommended only to advanced users.
· Malicious code search settings have been changed and enhanced.
· Additional parameters. Instead of 3 levels of checking there are additional scan parameters introduced: by object type (archives, mail databases, etc,), by file types (all or executable), by scope (all disks, removable media, etc.).
· Rootkit search. New version of the Safe’n’Sec is able to scan for hidden resources (files, processes, drivers) and interceptors, installed by other programs. The Safe’n’Sec is now able to delete hidden resources from operating system


· Intel Pentium 300 MHz processor (or compatible)
· At least 64 MB RAM
· At least 30 MB available space on the hard drive.


· 30 days trial

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