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TrustPort PC Security 2009 description

Complex solution for antivirus protection and data security on workstations and notebooks.
The threats that we have to face in the world of ICT technologies are various. It is no longer sufficient to have “only” antivirus program to eliminate these threats. Repeatedly new dangers appear and we have to be protected against them.

There are more than one hundred thousand computer viruses registered and every day there appear new ones. Various computer viruses, Internet worms, Trojans, Backdoors and other kinds of harmful viruses are becoming more and more sophisticated. Data security in today’s world requires implementation of modern safety tools to fight “cyber terrorism”.

TrustPort PC Security is not only an antivirus but also a personal firewall that can protect yout computer. So if you intend to have your data secured really well, there must be used other applications to help you to sign your data electronically, to encrypt or to delete it safely.

Here are some key features of “TrustPort PC Security 2009”:

· Antivirus
· The antivirus module provides reliable protection against attack from malicious code. It continuously monitors the system and blocks all incoming threats found in emails or while using the Internet. Users also have the ability to perform localized or full system scans for the presence of harmful files. Using state-of-the-art technologies such as Heuristic analysis and virtual computer processing the program finds and stops even new viruses that have yet to be identified.
· eSign
· The eSign module provides the user with security and trustworthiness while performing data transfers thanks to the use of digital signature and encryption technologies. The generation/import/export of certificates and key pairs are easily managed, as well as certificate generation requests and more. The program also supports the use of smart cards and cryptographic tokens.
· Archive Encryption
· This module protects users’ sensitive data from theft or unauthorized access by storing these files in an encrypted archive. Encrypted data can also be compressed in ZIP format for simple and secure emailing.
· Data Shredder
· A highly effective tool for the safe deletion of electronic data. This feature irreversibly deletes individual files, directories, free space or the entire disk of your computer. It can also remove any traces of user activity on a particular computer, such as the record of web pages visited. Data Shredder can also easily and safely remove the contents of the Windows recycle bin, Internet browser temporary files and more.
· Disk Protection
· This feature allows you to create virtual disks on your computer in a range of sizes where all data stored there is ciphered by strong encryption, giving the user complete privacy and making it impossible for unauthorized persons to access and use this data. This also makes it a perfect way to back-up data in a secure format.


· 30 days trial
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· new interface and icons, multiple skins, parental lock, dual user mode, creation of a boot disk, mobile antivirus protection for flash disks, interactive firewall

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