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W32 Gaobot Bke Remover Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

W32/Gaobot.BKE Remover description

This utility helps you get rid of the Gaobot virus
Gaobot.BKE is a worm with backdoor characteristics that belongs to the Gaobot worm family.

This family has the following common characteristics:
· It attempts to exploit the LSASS, RPC DCOM and WebDAV vulnerabilities to spread to as many computers as possible. These vulnerabilities only affect the operating systems mentioned above.
· It spreads by attempting to copy itself to network shared resources it accesses.
· Once it is run, it connects to a specified IRC server and waits for control commands. As a backdoor, it allows to obtain information on the affected computer, run and download files, launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, upload files by FTP, etc.

In addition, certain variants of Gaobot:
· Take advantage of the backdoors opened by the worms Bagle.A and Mydoom.A, in order to spread to those computers affected by these worms.
· End processes belonging to antivirus programs, firewalls and system monitoring tools, among others. This leaves the affected computer vulnerable to the attack of other viruses or worms.
· End the processes belonging to Nachi.A, Autorooter.A, Sobig.F and several variants of Blaster.

With the W32/Gaobot.BKE Remover utility you’ll be able to easily clean the virus infection fom your computer.

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