AntiSpam Personal Security Related Security for Windows

AntiSpam Personal stop emails from forged or invalid email addresses from reaching the inbox
AntiSpam Personal uses a White-list with Challenge and Response validation to stop emails from forged or invalid email addresses from reaching the inbox. It works with all email programs that access standard POP3 email servers: Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc

· No messing with filters or alternate email addresses
· Stops SPAM, and only SPAM at the server
· Prevents hackers from spying on your email when transferred to and from your email server
· Runs automatically in the background
· Simple setup

How does it work?

AntiSpam keeps a list of all email addresses you correspond with. Any email from a source not in that list of familiar email addresses is sent a verification email to verify the email is from a legitimate email user. Since 90% of spam is sent from bogus or unmonitored email addresses these emails will never be verified and will be automatically deleted from your email server by AntiSpam.

Here are some key features of “AntiSpam Personal”:

· Automatically searches your existing address book to figure out who you have corresponded with so that they never see a challenge message when emailing you in the future*.
· Listserver/Automated email aware. When correctly tagged by the sender, listserver and bulk emails are not challenged but rather flagged and eventually deleted if not wanted.
· One button installation for Outlook and Outlook Express users.
· Tracking of statistics and access to consolidated statistics from all AntiSpam users.
· All processing is done on your local computer. Information about emails and addresses never leave your computer.
· Automatically uses the latest industry standard encryption when exchanging information with your email server, regardless of whether your email client came with it or not.
· Notification of incoming email from unknown email addresses and the ability to selectively approve those emails if you would like them delivered to your inbox, now or in the future.
· Saves bandwidth. Most SPAM email is deleted while still on email server thus it is never downloaded to your local computer.


· ISP providing POP3 and SMTP compliant email services (most ISPs use this standard).
· 10MB of hard drive space.
· Internet connection to your ISP. AntiSpam will use whatever Internet connection you have available whether it is dialup or broadband. If you can check your email using your email program then AntiSpam will work with the same connection.

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