Antum Secured EMail Message System Security Related Security for Windows

Protect youre privacy with secured e-mails,
Antum Secured EMail Message System is an application created to help you protect your email messages. With the coming release of Antum Secured Mailsystem, it will be a moment in history as Inventus will release this program into the world.

The program encrypts your mail before you send it, and it also does a double encryption. First of all it will encrypt while typing the message and a second encryption happens before sending it to the selected programs. So that your message is more than 100% protected before it enters any object on the operating system. Inventus Software has a unique systeem of ‘End-To-End Encryption’ it’s called ‘Before End-To-End Encryption’.

Here are some key features of “Antum Secured EMail Message System”:

· Automatic Support for Microsoft Office Outlook 97,2000, XP, 2003, 2007 and Outlook Express.
· Support EML File Extension for creating Antum Secured Emails with various email programs
· Windows Vista Mail
· Windows Live Mail (MSN)
· Incredimail
· Mozilla Thunderbird
· Double Encryption System
· Step By Step Systems for preventing leaks
· No Plug-In or Add-On for preventing leaks
Tools for non-supported software :
· Build Encrypted messages and put them on the clipboard.
· Decrypt messages from non-supported email or message programs.
· Use the encrypted messages for pasting them into MSN Messenger, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger, Skype Messenger, Eudora, Lotus, etc …
· A complete File Encryption Extension included (AEN) for encrypting en decrypting files for attachments or use within the operating system.

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