HistoryWasher Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Protects your privacy and clears the traces of your Internet & computer activity
HistoryWasher – Your computer is tracking all activities you do while working on the computer or surfing the Internet. So, anyone who can access your computer is able to know what web sites you have visited, your surfing preferences and habits, images and videos you have seen, documents and files you have just opened and many others.

HistoryWasher is a software that allows you protect your privacy.

HistoryWasher is a powerful and easy-to-use privacy protection tool for removing Internet surfing and other computer activity tracks from your PC. With HistoryWasher installed on your computer you will never have to worry about prying eyes again.

HistoryWasher protects your privacy and lets clean up the traces of your Internet and computer activity.

Here are some key features of “HistoryWasher”:

· Clear Internet History, Cache (Temporary Internet Files), Cookies, Address Bar (Typed URL), locked files (index.dat, mxxx.dat), Form Data
· HistoryWasher supports Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, and Firefox browsers
· Windows Temporary Files, Recent Document List, Find History, Recently viewed pictures, Run History and much, much more
· Select, view, and save cookies you wish to keep (some has a purpose that is good for the user; storing password information on certain sites, storing shopping cart information, etc.)
· Selectively clear the URL’s that you have typed in the Address Bar
· Set folders you wish to clear automatically
· Install plugins that clear cache and registry data of other popular programs, for example WinZip (for the latest plugins click here)
· Perform timed cleanings in the background
· Keep out your private information from prying eyes and protect your privacy with HistoryWasher!


· 30 days trial.

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