KaKa Private Disk Security Related Security for Windows

An easy-to-use software to protect sensitive data
KaKa Private Disk is an easy to use and powerful application that can protect your sensitive data on PCs, notebooks, flash and removable disks. It is used for creating crypted disks on your computer. On this disk you can store confidential information which you’d like to keep secret from other users.

You only need to save files into this private disk and close them after that, then the program will encrypt the files automatically.
Here are some key features of “KaKa Private Disk”:

Countless Private Disks:
· You could create countless private disk as you wish.

Variable Size Disk Drives:
· No need to specify a disk size, the private disk size will grow and shrink depending on its usage.

On the Fly/Transparent Encryption:
· Encryption/Decryption is completely transparent to the user. And it only needs few seconds.

Password Protected:
· Allows you to set a login password and each private disk manage password. This allows you to set different private disk for different people use.

Drive Firewall:
· Allows you to protect your data from virus and other bad software.

· Allows you to install to a removable drive, such as a USB device. Then run it on any computer with out having to install it.

No backdoors:
· Once your data has been encrypted. There is no way of restoring the data without the proper password.


· Nag screen

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