MD5 Pack Security Related Security for Windows

Utilities to make and verify md5 signature files from Explorer’s context menu.
MD5 signatures are 32 hex digit strings derived from (binary) files by a highly specific algorithm. Files that differ only slightly have completely different signatures. Also, it is really extremely unlikely that two different files have the same signatures.

MD5 signatures can therefore be useful to verify the integrity of files e.g. after copying. The two utilities presented here enable you to make and check signatures in an easily and quickly.

This pack includes MD5Maker and MD5Verify so that you can also create a signature file, not only check its integrity.

The MD5Maker can be started from the Explorer’s context menu when you right-click on a selection. MD5 signatures of ALL the files in this selection – including the files in its directories and subdirectories – are calculated and stored in the MD5 Signature File.

The MD5Verify program has the MD5 extension associated to the program. This makes starting the program possible by double-clicking on an MD5 Signature File. All signatures are checked against the corresponding files.
Both programs support drag and drop. Read the explanations below if you want some quick information.

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

ยท Some streamlining has been done; a bug (division by zero) in the Verifier has been corrected.

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