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Bullguard Gamer S Edition Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

BullGuard Gamer’s Edition description

A Game Mode is essentially a collection of antivirus, firewall and general settings, allowing you to focus on your game without having to worry about your security or being interrupted.
BullGuard Gamer’s Edition was designed to be the world’s first internet security product to be specifically developed for gamers. The Gamer’s Edition provides all the security you need for your PC, at all times. This means that your PC is protected not only when you are gaming, but also when your PC is in normal use.

Proven technology
The Gamer’s Edition is based on the technology that is also part of BullGuard Internet Security 8.0. On top of that it also features a Gaming component which allows you to safely enjoy your gaming experience without compromising game play.

Automatic Game Mode
The Gamer’s Edition will recognize supported games when they are launched and automatically transitions into a Game Mode that is specifically developed for that particular game. If a game is not supported you can either create a game profile for that specific game, or you can use the General Game Mode.

The Gamer’s Edition was developed by BullGuard in close cooperation with SteelSeries, a leading, global manufacturer of innovative professional gaming peripherals and an active supporter of the professional gaming community.

With their network of professional gamers across the globe,SteelSeries played an important role in identifying the specific security needs of the gaming community. SteelSeries also gave input throughout the development cycle of the product and they ensured that the final version of the Gamer’s Edition was tested and approved by gaming professionals.
Here are some key features of “BullGuard Gamer’s Edition”:

· Gaming
· No interruptions: prevents pop-up messages from BullGuard, initiation of system scans and auto-updates while you are gaming
· Game profiles: tailor-made settings for Antivirus and Firewall have been specifically selected for every supported game. 100% customizable for the advanced user.
· Better game play: reduces system resource consumption to improve game play while remaining protected
· Up-to-date: auto updates with new game profiles as new PC games are released on the market
· Antivirus
· Email protection: screens emails before they enter your Inbox
· On-Access scanning: checks for viruses every time you access a file
· Secure hard drives: scans your hard drive for viruses and malware

· Antispyware
· Privacy protection: searches and cleans files, registry keys and cookies, ensuring your privacy is protected
· Continuous updates: round-the-clock updating of the definitions database
· Removal assistance: detailed reports guide you through the removal of already infected files

· Firewall
· Connection control: gives you full control of your Internet connection
· Customize settings: advanced users can make their own firewall settings
· Complete security: detects all types of hacker attacks and protects all types of network connectivity

· Spamfilter
· Ever increasing accuracy: database continuously updated with input from users worldwide
· Individual training: makes local blacklists and whitelists with the help of a step-by-step wizard
· Email blocking: allows users to ban individual email addresses or complete domains
· Anti-phishing: the most comprehensive phishing protection on the market
· Email client integration: full integration with Thunderbird, Outlook and Outlook Express / Windows Mail

· Backup
· Online drive: 1 GB free online backup capacity*, with unlimited upgrade possibility
· Set and forget: schedule your backups using a step-by-step wizard
· Secure web access: the Online Backup Drive can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet
· Silent backup: backups take place regularly and without disturbing the user
· Secure transfer and storage: files are encrypted during the transfer to online drive and during storage
· Full Vista integration: the online drive is accessible through the explorer function of Windows
· Smart transfer: files are uploaded to the online drive in compressed form and only file changes are uploaded, ensuring minimal use of resources
· Individual email backup: a new way of securing your emails, which are no longer backed up as part of email archives, but as individual items

· Support
· Support 24/7: round-the-clock personal assistance**
· Easily accessible: BullGuard support is available directly from the BullGuard application
· Remote Access: users can grant supporters temporary access to their computers, allowing them to solve problems on the spot
· Fastest email response time on the market: 1 hour


· 200 MB free hard-disk space
· Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher


· nag screen
· 6 days trial

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