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Safe N Sec Plus Antivirus Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

Safe’n’Sec Plus Antivirus description

Safe’n’Sec Plus Antivirus is an effective utility to protect a computer against vulnerabilities and threats
SafenSec Plus AV – Real-time Proactive Computer Protection against viruses, spyware, vulnerabilities and threats with an on-demand antivirus scanner.

While the antivirus scanner finds and eliminates known viruses, the IPS technology provides another layer of protection by monitoring all applications and blocking any potentially dangerous activity occurring in your system.

This layered defense effectively prevents damage from both identified and unidentified threats, such as viruses, spyware, and hacker attacks, which makes SafenSec Plus AV a perfect package for home users and small offices.

Safe’n’Sec Plus Antivirus is an antivirus scanner and protector.

SafenSec Plus AV is an intrusion prevention system with built-in an on-demand antivirus scanner.

Such a unique combination makes SnS especially suitable for home users and small offices. This is due to its IPS technology capable of intelligent preventive protection of your system and which is extremely effective for blocking of any dangerous activity by any new and hence yet unknown viruses, trojans and spyware. While its on-demand AV scanner provides traditional functionality of finding and eliminating of known viruses, just exactly the same way as any other antivirus does.

SafenSec Plus Antivirus package comes with the well respected BitDefender antiviral database to combine two complementary protection principles in one box – and now at a most attractive price.

Here are some key features of “Safe n Sec Plus Antivirus”:

· seamlessly integrates into a security system of any complexity
· smoothly works with the antivirus software and firewalls of leading vendors
· prevents proliferation of zero-day viruses
· detects spyware and prevents intrusion attempts into user systems
· blocks even the most sophisticated hacker attacks
· distinguishes dangerous attacks from harmless actions
· employs an advanced decision-making mechanism
· does not affect system performance
· takes up only 5MB RAM
· user-friendly interface
· easy installation
· flexible settings
· automatic updates
· detailed reports


· Expires in 30 days

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Advanced programm settings after installation. Safe’n’Sec Assistant: License key management, Last programm updates, Full scan of computer for malicious code and system data integrity, Autorun application detection, Collecting data about installed programs, Atomatic activity control rule definition for each program, User data protection from unauthorized access.
· AV pre-scan for Safe’n’Sec AV. When the application tried to execute a prohibited action, Safe’n’Sec checks it by the anti-virus and blocks virus immediately if found.
· Password protection of programm settings.
· Extended base of the applications identified by Safe?n?Sec.
· Additional system activity rules for interprocess communication.
· Fixed bugs: incompatibility with Norton Internet Security 2006, incompatibility with F-Secure Anti-Virus 6.0, incompatibility with Norton AntiVirus 2005.

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