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V Buster Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

V-Buster description

V-Buster is the ultimate Anti-Virus for geeks
V-Buster detects more than 11000 known viruses/worms/trojan horses including TEDDY BEAR, MY PARTY worm and also many unknown viruses and rebuilds boot sectors, partition tables and files.

One of the few programs in the world that is able to rebuild files infected by mutating viruses like the LOREN-B, NATAS, DIEHARD-2, TEQUILA, JUNKIE, 1403, T4, MUTAGEN, etc.

Detects and rebuilds files infected by KNOWN as well as UNKNOWN Winword and Excel Macro viruses including all internet viruses. Run in any computer under any DOS based operating system including Windows 3.x, 95, 98, NT, Me, XP and 2000.

Able to read and write to an inaccessible hard disk or diskette. Automatically rebuilds the boot sector and partition table of an inaccessible hard disk. Rebuilds the boot sector or partition table of any hard disk infected by any virus, known or unknown.

Self-upgrading means you are always in front. Vbuster extracts the virus codes from infected boot sectors, partition tables and files and automatically inserts them into VBUSTER.EXE.

Creates REBUILD.DTA containing all the important pointers of the files allowing VBUSTER.EXE to rebuild any file infected by any virus, known or unknown. VBUSTER.EXE has the option of renaming or deleting the file regardless of the attribute or changing the attribute of the file.

VBUSTER.EXE now has switcheable modes for Partition Utilities, Fastscan, Super Fastscan, Windows NT/Non-Standard Hard Disks, One Key Default Scan for drives A, B or C, as well as a Fast Operation mode for ultra fast repairing of files.

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