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Wave Antivirus 21067 Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

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CyberSoft’s waVe AntiVirus is a desktop virus scanner and security software package
CyberSoft’s waVe AntiVirus is a desktop virus scanner and security software package based upon tried-and-true CyberSoft technology. This technology is protecting computer systems worldwide.

CyberSoft’s waVe AntiVirus possesses an Auto-Scan feature, which is executed upon the first run of the waVe GUI. The waVe GUI serves as the user friendly interface to waVe’s powerful Scan Engine which searches your system for viruses. When waVe is in Auto-Scan mode, the process is indicated by flashing lights on waVe’s main menu.

When running in fully automatic mode, waVe not only has the ability to scan and disinfect your system of Viruses but can also create a baseline database of components on your machine.

Once this baseline has been created waVe can use this information to maintain critical system files. This helps maintain a baseline configuration in the event of changes from unauthorized users, viruses, system corruptions or hackers.

Another valuable feature of CyberSoft’s waVe AntiVirus is the Removable Media Interceptor (RMI). The RMI scans your computer’s removable drives and serves as a desktop Firewall against possible virus infected media such as floppies, CD-ROMs, DVDs, Zip cartridges and other commonly used storage devices.

What’s New in This Release:

· Relational Integrity System- monitoring changes in your system
· Full Auto Scanning
· waVe will scan and build a integrity database of your system upon initial start of waVeGui
· Danger file and duplicate file checking added to integrity system which is configurable from the administration window.
· Additional report file showing all files scanned when virus scans are executed through the administration window.
· New scan engine and signature structure for faster performance.
· Additional button added to the administration option to view the last logs generated.
· New graphical user interface (waVeGui)
· New version of MacFilter 4.0 with no ghost

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